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Lucky Whitehead catches two touchdowns to lead Bombers past Eskimos · Fans packed a pre-game tailgate party (Jeremie Charron/CTV News). An estimated one third to one half of teenagers and young adults with online profiles Their friends may view such images (of drinking more than drug use) in You may assume that a sexy selfie on Snapchat will disappear forever—but not if.

Where Are These Teens' Parents? (15 Selfies That Cross The Line)

72 Of The Worst Selfie Fails By People Who Forgot To Check The Background | Bored Panda

Extreme lengths teenagers will go to for perfect selfie has been revealed - Mirror Online

How Girls Are Seeking (and Subverting) Approval Online | Common Sense Media

Close-up Of Girls Doing A Selfie In Spa Salon. Stock Video - Video of fashion, health:

Winnipeg News | Local Breaking | CTV News Winnipeg

Girls do selfie on the background of a sleeping drunk man. ~ Footage #

Selfies on Instagram and Facebook are tiny bursts of girl pride.

Friends, Drinking & Selfie Vector Images (62)

60 Top Drunk Selfie Pictures, Photos, & Images - Getty Images

Sending a naked selfie can be a criminal offence — but not many teenagers know this

Who are Generation Z? The latest data on today's teens | Life and style | The Guardian

Teenage free runner 'died sticking head out of train carriage to take selfie'

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